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Tiny Players

For After School lessons, Saturday groups, Summer Camps, & any MTG program, the groups are determined by age. Each age group focuses on age-appropriate learning of the game of tennis & techniques.

This is for our beginners and intermediate players.
They are still working on their fundamentals and techniques. Therefore we focus on drills, games, movement to get them rallying with each other in preparation for the next level class.

This class is geared toward our 5 to 8 year olds who want to get in the game early. During the lessons, we focus on footwork, hand and eyes coordination, techniques and the fundamentals of the game. We know the only way to learn at this age is to keep it fun for the tiny players therefore we play lots of games during drills.

Little Lobbers
Futue Champs

These are for players who are confident in keeping a rally going with each other  and are looking to improve their skills. In this class we focus on more advanced aspects of the game such as serve, live drills, point, game and friendly  competitions. We are preparing these players for team tennis, junior leagues, middle or high school team matches and eventually USTA tournaments.

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